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Quick Tip: Nutrient Toxicity

Questions about plant toxicities If you’ve gardened, farmed, or grown anything in your life, you’ve probably experienced a nutrient deficiency in your plants. The other side of nutrient levels is a toxicity, and it’s something that many growers are concerned about.... read more

Carbonates in Aquaponics

If you’re using tap water and having trouble with pH, you might be dealing with a carbonates problem.  Carbonates in aquaponics frequently cause problems with fluctuating pH or difficulty to exit a high pH range. What are carbonates? A carbonate molecule is... read more

The New Lemonade Stand

Old fundraising projects are tired I grew up in a neighborhood flanked on two sides by schools. While having students around kept the neighborhood lively and cheerful, we had so many schoolkid visitors selling wrapping paper, candles, and soup mixes that we started... read more

Tilapia Fry Care

Stocking your own fish is cheaper and gives you more control If you’re raising tilapia in an aquaponic system, it can be more convenient to breed and stock your own fry.   Not only will raising your own stock rescue your wallet, but the ability to choose your own... read more

Catfish in Aquaponics

  Who is Aleece Landis? Aleece B. Landis, more commonly known as the hands-on aquaponic expert TCLynx, has been enthralled with aquaponics since 2007. TC learned much of her aquaponic know-how engaging in all kinds of forums and online communities and now is one... read more

Planning Your Farm: Calculating Farm Expenses

Calculating expenses helps you be realistic about your farm’s potential If you read our post on estimating farm revenue, you may be tempted to stop there. But if you want anything close to a realistic look forward, you must compare that revenue to your farm... read more

Best Fish for Aquaponics

So you’re planning an aquaponics system… What type of fish are you using? Now that’s an exciting question! There are dozens of exciting possibilities, and raising fish can be fun and rewarding! So.. Let’s talk fish. There are four factors which decide the best... read more

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mint in zipgrow towers


Chives in ZipGrow Towers


Basil in ZipGrow Towers


Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce


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