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Happy Towersgiving!

This holiday season, we’re even more excited about the opportunity to delight you all on a much larger scale.

So this Thanksgiving season we’re giving away free tower for every three that you buy.

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Upstart Farmers

Powered by ZipGrow towers.

Shaping our food future.

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Aquaponics Academy

Episode 13:

“Irrigation, Drainage, and Sump Setups for Aquaponics Systems”

Tune in to hear more from expert Dr. Nate Storey.

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Aquaponics Issues?

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Laramie CSA

Laramie Proud.

Bright Agrotech’s Laramie CSA provides healthy, fresh greens, herbs and other veggies all year long for the local community.

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Grow Vertically. Grow More.

Increase Productivity

Grow 2-3x as much as traditional horizontal production. Learn more.

Sell Living Towers at Market

Lightweight ZipGrow towers are designed to be transported to market live for consumers to harvest their own greens or herbs. Learn more.

Absorb More Light

Highly reflective ZipGrow tower housings gives more light to the southern, salable side of your crops. Learn more.

Stabilize Root Zone Temperatures

Specially designed Matrix Media is 93% air and helps to maintain a consistent temperature around your plant roots, reducing anaerobic zones. Learn more.

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ZipGrow Living Green Walls at ASLA 2014

Living Green Walls at the 2014 ASLA Expo! We’re super excited to introduce Bright Agrotech products to the landscape architects at the ASLA Conference. Bringing the unlimited possibilities of ZipGrow technology to this year’s expo may be one small step for... read more

Best Gifts for Aquaponic Growers

Best Gifts for Aquaponic Growers It’s almost our  favorite time of the year! As anticipation for the season of pine boughs and silver bells rises, we are scheming more and more about what we will be getting for the growers in our lives. We figured we’d put... read more

Best Temperatures for Tilapia in Aquaponics Systems

What are the Best Temperatures for Tilapia in Aquaponics Systems? Before we begin, keep in mind that Tilapia are definitely warm water fish. But there are a few reasons they are the most common fish in aquaponics. Tilapia are Feed Tolerant For starters, they’re... read more

How to Use Wicking Strip

Why Wicking Strip? The need for a wicking material was determined when ZipGrow Towers were still in their infancy. Because the Matrix Media inside the towers has such high percolation and air movement, tender plant roots, especially on seedlings, were at risk of... read more

Who is Growing with ZipGrow Towers?

These Innovative Upstart Farmers Are the Visionaries of a Sustainable Food Future

bayberry fresh
Freight Farms
Fresh with edge
Fresh Start Greens

Fresh, healthy veggies for your family

What Grows in ZipGrow Towers?

mint in zipgrow towers


Chives in ZipGrow Towers


Basil in ZipGrow Towers


Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce


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