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11 Farms Worth Watching

Meet 11 farms worth watching, and get excited about what’s going to happen in 2015 and the years to follow.

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Bright Agrotech’s Laramie CSA provides healthy, fresh greens, herbs and other veggies all year long for the local community.

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Take a Tour of London’s GrowUp Box

The Upstart Farming movement is spreading. What is Upstart Farming? Over the past few years, new minds have been entering the agricultural scene and recognizing great potential that traditional farming has been under-utilizing for centuries. Some of them have acted on... read more

Insuring Your Upstart Farm

What kind of insurance do you need for your farm? Insuring your Upstart Farm is an important step when starting the business. Upstart Farms should carry a general liability or umbrella policy on their farm. You want to have insurance that protects: the product... read more

Harvesting Tools for the Vertical Farmer

Tools for Harvesting Different crops require different harvesting tools, and having the right tool will make your job easy and fast. Let’s look at the most useful tools for you to use in your greenhouse. At the very least, you’ll need shears and a... read more

SmartGreens: Canada’s First Upstart Farmers

Upstart Farmers at New Latitudes An Upstart Farmer is an innovative farmer who uses efficient, sustainable techniques to grow better food and enrich his or her community.    Let’s learn more about one young Upstart Farm and what they’re doing in Ontario.  ... read more

11 Farms Worth Watching

    The Upstart Farmers: Expanding Food Frontiers The food system is changing texture on a global scale. For the past several decades, the world has been producing and distributing food with what I call a “bowl-of-marbles” approach. A small... read more

4 Tips for the Best Greenhouse Workbench Setup

Don’t Forget the Workbench! We’ve published a mass of content about vertical farm setup, plumbing, and system configuration. One of the more humble parts of a vertical farm that gets overlooked is the workbench. While we haven’t talked much about it... read more

Tips for Spraying in a Greenhouse

Should You Spray? Pest management is an important part of operating any successful hydroponics or aquaponics farm, especially if you’re doing it commercially. After all, an infestation can destroy the hard work and money you’ve put into growing your own... read more

How pH Affects Microbes in Aquaponics

How pH Affects Microbes in Aquaponics In our last post, we discussed the importance of microbes to aquaponics systems. We left off with a question: can human actions affect microbial populations? The answer is of practical importance, because it determines whether or... read more

Who is Growing with ZipGrow Towers?

These Innovative Upstart Farmers Are the Visionaries of a Sustainable Food Future

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Freight Farms
Fresh with edge
Fresh Start Greens

Fresh, healthy veggies for your family

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Basil in ZipGrow Towers


Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce


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