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 Upstart farmers are a new, innovative group of food producers that seek to improve agriculture with sustainable, efficient techniques and a passion for what they do.

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Should I plant Multiple Crops in My Classroom Garden?

I’ve had many educators ask me “What order should I use to grow my plants for my classroom garden?” But the real question should be, “Should I put multiple plant varieties in the same tower?” The answer to that one is pretty easy: in a perfect world, you shouldn’t....

Women in Ag: Why aren’t there more?

It’s time to shift women’s role in modern farming. If I say farmer, what do you think of? If you’ve been following Bright Agrotech for awhile, maybe it’s Farmer Joe. More likely, it’s an image of a similarly masculine figure, maybe...

Upstart University: Vertical Farm Training From Start to Finish

Have you ever indulged in the dream of vertical farming? Join the club. Thousands of people dream of vertical farming, then discard the idea because it is too far fetched. The burgeoning field of vertical farming is seeded with weeds among the fruitful ideas, and...

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