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Not sure what to expect with commercial growing?

When you’re considering a commercial hydroponic or aquaponic system, make sure to find the best solution by asking the right questions.

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Commercial Farming

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“ZipGrow towers are essential to running a profitable commercial farm. The towers tend to sell themselves.”

Haydn Christensen

Haydn Christensen

Owner, BayBerry Fresh

Bulk Zipgrow Pricing

Less than 50 = $65.00/tower 

50-100 = $60.00/tower 

101-250 = $56.50/tower 

251-500 = $54.00/tower 

501-1000 = $52.00/tower 

1000 & up = $49.00/tower 

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 How much can you grow?


Square Feet Towers Lbs. of herbs/month Lbs. of greens/month
180 50 163 275
360 100 325 550
540 150 488 825
900 250 813 1375
1800 500 1625 2750

*Lbs. of herbs/month and lbs. of greens/month assumes 100% production of either herbs or greens. These production levels cannot be achieved simultaneously.

ZipGrow Towers

Simple. Lightweight. Efficient.

The patented ZipGrow tower will take your greenhouse to new heights – literally.

Vertical growing with ZipGrow Towers increases production 2 – 3 times over traditional methods.

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Live Sales

ZipGrow towers are designed for Live Sales. Up to 80% of traditional production costs are tied to labor and other post-harvest costs. Live Sales using ZipGrow towers and displays cut that to just 15%.

By allowing customers to harvest their own straight from the tower, food and packaging waste is reduced, saving money for both farmer and grocer. Customers hold the freshest product in their hands.

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Not sure what to expect with a commercial hydroponic system?

Read What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Grow, and learn what questions you should be asking your potential system provider.

Indoor Growing + ZipGrows = ZipRacks

Better Together.

Coming soon.

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ZipGrow Commercial Starter Bundles


50 ZipGrow towers

$60/tower + $300 SHIPPING
  • ZipGrow 50 pack
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150 ZipGrow towers

$56.50/tower + FREE SHIPPING
  • ZipGrow 150 pack
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