High Intensity, Water-Cooled LED Lighting

Empowering the farmers who power the new food economy.

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Bright Agrotech empowers modern farmers with hardware, software, and services to make a positive impact on their local food economies. 

ZipGrow Greenhouse Technology

Vertical Growing Towers for Powering Your Produce

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The ZipFarm

Indoor Farming at Any Scale.

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The ZipGrow Farm Wall

Grow a soil-less garden anywhere.

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Who is Bright Agrotech?

We know the struggle… and the joy.

Starting a farm can be a daunting task. We know. We’ve done it. But there’s nothing more rewarding than making money by positively impacting your local community.

What do we do?

Our team coaches farmers of all sizes and scales to plan, build and operate successful farms. So far, we’ve helped hundreds of farmersbuild their farms and start living their dreams.

Why do we do it?

Because we believe in a future where small farmers play a large role in how we feed our communities. Where transparency and trust are the new norms of food production and distribution. We believe that “small”, passionate farmers are the only ones who can build this new food economy. We believe in making small ag, big.

Tools for today’s farmers.

We know that with the right combination of coaching, software, and technology, being a “small” farmer doesn’t have to mean growing less.

Ready to join the movement?

Let us guide you. 

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