Who is bright agrotech?

 We are guides for the modern farmer.


It’s a simple motto that defines everything we do.  

We are leaders in high density indoor and greenhouse farming techniques partnering with farmers of all sizes to build a fresher, more distributed food system. 

Bright Agrotech is the leader of high density, practical, and productive vertical farming equipment.

In addition to educating and empowering farmers of all sizes, we also design, build, and install our patented, professional ZipGrow vertical farming equipment around the world.

By taking a volumetric approach to greenhouse and indoor farming, we enable our farmers to grow more, reduce costs, and ultimately build stronger businesses. 

Through our products, service, and software, Bright Agrotech is building the infrastructure for a more decentralized and democratized food system where access to fresher, transparently grown local food is paramount. 

“While we love working with large vertical farms, we know that bigger is not always better. At the end of the day, I believe that the focus should be on production, not on size, because its easy to get things wrong when you go really big, really fast.

At Bright, we enable growers of all sizes to optimize their production for space, labor, and operating costs. Whether they grow in 100 square feet or 10,000, if they want to make an impact in their local markets and communities, we will educate and equip them to do just that.” 

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We are a rapidly growing group of dedicated, creative thinkers living by our six core values to build the future of food we believe in. One where food production is distributed and localized to ensure everyone has access to high quality produce grown locally with transparency and flavor in mind. 

Our ability to live by these values determines our ability to grow and partner with more farmers to change the world.

These are a few of the values that help us focus on the farmer…

Think abundantly

Create honest products & transparent relationships

Be intentional and work with a purpose

Always be useful

Think differently

Be lean, scrappy, and work hard every day


Unlike a lot of gloom and doomers, we’re very optimistic about the direction our food system is headed. While others succumb to the fear of running out of space to feed our growing population, we focus on empowering innovative Upstart Farmers of all sizes. We focus on the farmers creating a real impact, no matter how big or small. These are the folks figuring out the new food model while using technology and hard work to develop better ways to feed those around them.

It’s important to remember that change usually doesn’t take place (i.e. almost never) on a large scale. Change and innovation come from the bottom. From the guy tinkering in his garage. From the chef growing greens in her kitchen. From the unconventional farmer growing incredibly fresh herbs on his apartment building’s roof.

We believe it’s the “non-traditional farmer” who will power the food system we need now, and in the future.








The relationship between farmer and consumer has grown too distant. The Upstart Farmer movement revolves around the passion of hard working farmers committed to growing healthier food for their communities with ZipGrow technology.

Upstart Farmers are driven and collaborative commercial vertical farmers growing hydroponically (i.e. without soil) with 50 ZipGrow towers or more and belonging to the Upstart Farmer network.

These farmers are:

  1. Commercial food producers
  2. Impact-conscious growers
  3. Growing food using innovative and efficient techniques
  4. Transparent, local farmers
  5. [Becoming] expert hydroponic growers
  6. Making an impact and a living by growing with a purpose

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