Water-Cooled LED Lighting
for Indoor Vertical Farmers

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Introducing The CoolBar™

A Water-Cooled LED Lighting System Reducing Costs

and Headaches for Indoor Farmers

Rugged LED Light Bars Designed for Farmers, by Farmers.

LED lights, while much more efficient that traditional artificial lighting, still produce
a lot of heat that can adversely affect the growing environment. Until now.


By continuously circulating water through these 350 watt LEDs, the CoolBar delivers high intensity light while reducing or eliminating heat loads in your growing environment.

Farmer friendly.

All CoolBar components can be easily removed allowing growers to perform their own maintenance and putting the control in your hands.

Lower costs, longer life.

By using a chiller, the CoolBar can lower operational expenses typically attributed to expensive, energy-sucking HVAC systems. Keeping LEDs cooler also means extended lifespans compared to traditional LEDs.

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Product Announcement

On June 30, 2016, we introduced the world to high intensity, water-cooled lighting for modern farmers. Watch a recording of the CoolBar™ announcement here.

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Game changing design.

The CoolBar gives indoor growers more control over their growing environment with efficient, water-cooled technology.

Water-cooled design

By managing heat with a chiller instead of an expensive HVAC system, growers benefit from higher light intensities without the adverse affects of conventional systems.

Safe by design 

With built-in thermistors and switches,  farmers can rest assured their lights won’t overheat and their growing environment is safe for employees

3-Year Warranty

Like all Bright Agrotech products, the CoolBar is built to last. This warranty protects farmers against defects, or failures in workmanship.


CoolBars are designed to give the farmer more control. Being able to change LED boards and perform basic maintenance, farmers have less downtime and better businesses. 

High performance chillers

Industry leading chillers mean smarter heat management and lower operating costs all while helping farmers save money.

A complete system

Buying a complete system means lower installation costs, faster ordering, and less stress.

See the CoolBar™ in action.

With a sturdy aluminum body, the CoolBar was built to perform…

Without the heat.

Water-cooled LEDs
Water-cooled LEDs
Water-cooled LEDs
Water-cooled LEDs
Water-cooled LEDs

CoolBar FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the CoolBar.

What's included in the Base Package?

The $40,000 Base Package includes:

  • CoolBars (48 double-sided light bars)

  • LightRacks and all necessary mounting hardware (2)

  • Power Supplies (8)

  • Chiller (1)

  • Irrigation up and down LightRacks

  • Wiring up to end of LightRacks

Can I use CoolBars in horizontal growing systems?

Yes! We built the CoolBar to be compatible with multiple growing applications. Contact us to get a quote for your unique application:  |  307.288.1188

Is there a single-sided option?

Yes! The CoolBar can be both one-sided, or two-sided depending on your application. Each side of LEDs can be powered on and off separately from one another.  |  307.288.1188

Can I order a few CoolBar's to try?

Unfortunately, this option is not available right now. Please contact us if you have more specific questions about the CoolBar or how it can maximize your farm efficiency.  |  307.288.1188

How does it scale?

Scaling is easy, and can be accomplished one ZipRack at a time. Talk to one of our sales specialists to customize your CoolBar system based on your unique growing space.  |  307.288.1188

What if I don't have a ZipFarm... Can I still use the CoolBar?

We designed the CoolBar specifically for the ZipFarm. However, we may be able to answer more specific questions about your system. Contact us at 307.288.1188 to talk to a Sales Specialist.

What is the warranty for CoolBar?

All parts of the Base Package are guaranteed under warranty (excluding plumbing & irrigation)

  • CoolBar: 3 year warranty

  • LightRack: 5 year warranty

  • ZipRack: 5 year warranty

  • Chillers: Warranty is through Cold Shot

  • Power Supply: Warranty is through MeanWell

Learn more about the CoolBar Warranty here.

Still need help? Contact us directly!

For any other questions, please contact us at or call us at 307.288.1188

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Packages start at $40k

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CoolBar Overview

By taking most of the heat out of the light fixture, we are able to get much better LED efficiency, minimize the cost of additional HVAC, and get the longest life out of the lights themselves.

-Nate Storey, CEO, Bright Agrotech

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