Learn how to assemble your ZipGrow Farm Wall™ with these easy steps.

Farm Wall™ Assembly

Here’s a quick overview of the assembly process:

  1. Make sure you have all of the parts
  2. Fasten the gutter clips onto the gutters
  3. Thread the PVC through the bowties in the bottom gutter
  4. Seal the caps onto the bottom gutter and clip them into the top gutter
  5. Fit header irrigation

See more detail on the assembly process in the video or in this post.

Mounting & Light Kit Assembly

Time to mount your Farm Wall! Here’s a quick overview of the mounting process:

  1. Assemble the gutter and header
    2. Mount wall channels at correct spacing to secure surface
    3. Slide gutter and header into place
    4. Insert your ZipGrow Towers
    5. Connect your pump to the top irrigation line
    6. Slide plumbing tube into place over the elbow 


If you are using a top-off tank, now it the time to add it!

Top-Off Tanks hold:

  • 2.75 gallons for 5′ Farm Walls
  • 1.3 gallons for 3′ Farm Walls
  • 4 gallons for 7′ Farm Walls 

Just open the bottom valve and the Top-Off Tank will keep the water level constant.

Caring for Your Farm Wall


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Planting Seedlings into a Farm Wall™ 

Planting Seedlings into a Farm Wall™ 

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