Minneapolis, MN’s most innovative indoor farmer.

With roots in controlled environment container farming, Ryan Sweeney of Localize Farms uses a powerful combination of turnkey ZipFarm™ + CoolBar™ water-cooled LED lights to grow the freshest herbs in all of Minneapolis, MN.

By growing on the vertical plane, Ryan and the Localize team can access their entire farm from the ground, avoiding the need for expensive (and dangerous!) scissor lifts required for stacked vertical farming techniques.


Stem, NC’s most innovative greenhouse grower. 

Matt Marsh operates American Heartland Acres, an aquaponic basil farm that serves the Raleigh-Durham market in the heart of North Carolina. Matt leverages the power of volumetric farming to maximize his greenhouse production and serve his local market the best basil around.

“Our goal is to help regenerate an appreciation for locally supplied goods and services that are produced with healthy practices and without questionable fertilizers or pesticides. We are finding that the quality speaks for itself and that more people are satisfied that there is a healthy, local option.”


Cowichan Valley’s Freshest Greens & Herbs

Courtney Edwards and Dan Ademan operate Blue Roots Farm, a Vertical Aquaponic Greenhouse in Cowichan Valley, British Columbia. They’re driven to grow the freshest, high quality greens and herbs around.

“We farm because we were tired of complaining about all of the problems we see in the world and wanted to do something that would help our community in terms of adapting to climate change, accessing sustainable seafood, and increasing food security.
We chose ZipGrow because I value simple, effective, and scalable production systems.”


From California to the Carolinas, Canada to China, ZipGrow Farmers are growing better food for their local communities around the globe. These farmers are passionate, hard working risk takers who decided that they wanted to have an impact on their communities in a positive way by providing them with real food. They know that farming is hard work. It requires hustle and a relentless mindset. Our community of farmers is full of these kinds of people who are changing the food system, one small farm at a time. 


Zipgrow technology PARTNERS

We’re not the only ones helping modern farmers succeed. Below are a few of our technology partners leveraging the power of ZipGrow vertical farming equipment. 

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