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Financial Plan Template (w/Pro Forma Statements)
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Financial Planning Analysis (live consultation)
Business Planning Guide
Energy Calculations for Indoor Production (Excel)
Farm Planning Workshop
Complimentary Subscription to Upstart University* (1 month)
Financial Elite
Market Research Bundle
Financial Plan Template (w/Pro Forma Statements)
Production Estimates Calculator
SketchUp Design Bundle
Financial Planning Analysis (live consultation)
Business Planning Guide
Energy Calculations for Indoor Production (Excel)
Farm Planning Workshop
Complimentary Subscription to Upstart University* (1 month)
*First time signups only

Modern Farmer’s Feasibility Workshop

Included in the Financial Pro financial package

Bright Agrotech is home to the most comprehensive hydroponic and CEA resources on the internet. The depth of the information we provide can be a valuable asset for your farm project.

To help you prepare for your farm build, we offer a guided farm planning workshop, designed to walk you step-by-step through the design, budget, and business planning process.

The Feasibility Workshop is a self paced video workshop covering every aspect of the farm planning process. To learn more about the Modern Farmer’s Feasibility Workshop, click here.

  Match production to demand – finding your markets

  Pricing your products – the 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix

  Reach your production goals – system design and pricing

  Boost your production – LED lighting strategies

  Finance – Capital Expenses

  Finance – Operating Expenses (including energy calculations)

  Pulling it all together – pro forma financial projections and business planning

You will also receive one on one consulting with a farm empowerment specialist. The consultations take place over email, phone, and/or live video chat.

The Financial Pro Package comes with all of our most valuable resources, bundled together so you can focus on what’s most important. Additionally, the farm planning workshop will walk you through each step of the planning process. This series of video tutorials covers everything from market research to finance and construction.

If you need professional guidance and support for your farm project, this is the package we recommend.

Market Research Bundle

Included in all three financial packages

The Market Research Bundle includes several resources to help you identify and pursue the customer base that will lead to healthy farm growth.

The Market Research bundle includes:

  Production Estimates Calculator

  The Grower’s Guide to Local Food Markets

  Buyer’s Intention Survey

  CSA Grower’s Packet

  Farmer’s Market Packet

  Restaurant Grower’s Packet

  Grocery Store Grower’s Packet

We are often asked how much to budget for a farm build. Our answer is that you should begin with a careful assessment of demand. Who will you be selling to? Which crops are in demand? How much weekly volume do you anticipate?The answers to these questions are critical for planning the right-size farm build. Even if you have a farm design in mind, or you are already under construction, you can use the Market Research Bundle to start handling these questions now

Your success depends in large part on your ability to match production to demand.

Financial Plan Template

Included in all three financial packages

The financial plan template covers:

  Upfront costs

  Ongoing costs

  Estimated revenue by crop and market

  Pro Forma Financial Statements

This excel workbook is designed to give you insights into farm expenses and revenues. The worksheet will be ready for you to modify for your business plan specifically.

You will receive directions on how to use this tool effectively. Once you input your information, you will see detailed projections on upfront costs, ongoing costs, and estimated revenue.

This product will also come with Pro Forma financial documents including the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement as well as commonly used financial ratios and calculations such as the current ratio, debt-to-asset ratio, and ROI.

When complete, you will have professional pro forma revenue statements ready for presenting to your spouse, stakeholders, investors, or lenders.

Production Estimates Calculator

Included in all three financial packages

This guide gives you access to our production testing data, conducted over several years in both greenhouse and indoor production environments. The data will tell you how the ZipGrow towers stack up to other aquaponic production techniques (e.g. rafts, media beds and other vertical designs).

This guide gives production levels for:

  Various greens including lettuce, bok choi, kale, chard, and more

  Herbs: oregano, chives, rosemary, and more

  A comparative study of Genovese basil grown in ZipGrow towers vs. other conventional growing techniques

  A comparative study of strawberry production in ZipGrow Towers

You can use this calculator to estimate production goals for each crop shown. The calculator also includes revenue projections for each crop, with adjustable crop pricing based on wholesale or retail pricing strategies.

Sketchup Design Bundle

Included in all three financial packages

How much production can I fit into my farm? Take the guesswork out of your planning with the SketchUp Design Bundle. These downloadable files provide the components for ZipGrow farm configurations. Once you are familiar with the SketchUp design dashboard, you can easily create professional design plans.

Available components include:

  The ZipFarm

  ZipGrow Greenhouse Layout

  The Farm Wall

  Dutch Buckets

  NFT Channels

Financial Planning Analysis (personal consultation) with Business Planning Guide

Included in Financial Elite & Financial Pro financial packages

For project managers who need professional guidance. We answer questions like “How much can I grow”, “What will it cost”, and “What will revenue look like”. The financial analysis includes the financial planning template shown above, along with personalized consultation from one of our farm planning experts. 

This package include:

  Completed Financial Plan (MS Excel)

  Pro-forma financial statements

  Business Planning Guide

  2x 15-minute phone calls with Bright Agrotech staff

After you complete a brief form telling us about your growing space, production goals, and other local cost information, the Bright Agrotech staff will generate a complete financial plan for your commercial vertical farm. You will also receive 30 minutes of consulting with our team of experts.

Energy Calculations for Indoor Production

Included in the Financial Pro financial package

Indoor production with LED lighting presents unique challenges. Not only do you have to consider the upfront costs of the lighting equipment, but you also have to understand the ongoing energy costs and depreciation expenses. The energy calculations are provided in an Excel spreadsheet, and can be customized for indoor production or for greenhouse supplemental lighting. Because these calculations can be complex, we offer this resource along with our one on one consultation, to help you better understand the factors involved with supplemental lighting.

Subscription to Upstart University

Included in all three financial packages
*First time subscriptions only

When you purchase a financial planning package, you will receive a complimentary one month membership at Upstart University. Upstart University is the most comprehensive library of tutorials on the internet, and covers a variety of subjects in Controlled Environment Agriculture.

Course topics include:

  Goals and Action Planning

  The Four Markets

  Production Methods (overview)

  Aquaponics – Deep Water Culture: Farm Design & Economics

  Bato Buckets & Vine Crop Production – Farm Design & Economics

  ZipGrow Production 101

  Intro to Business Planning

  Farm Compliance and Food Safety

  Humidity Management: Tools & Tech for Indoor Growers

  HVAC Design for Indoor Growers

  Seeds & Seedlings

  Plant Pathology for Upstart Farmers

 Intro to Hydroponics

 Hydroponic Nutrients and Fertilizers

 Foundations of Aquaponics

  Lighting for Upstart Farmers

  Advocacy: Organic Certification

 Greenhouses 101: Greenhouses for Small Farmers

  Hydroponic Substrate Selection


 Legal Concerns for Upstart Farmers

 SketchUp Basic – Farm Design and Planning

Here’s what people are saying about our resources:

Good job!! You are spot on when you decided to start your series with a focus on market and demand! I have been working within business development for most of my business life but in a completely different line of business and know that demand is key to have under control. Thanks for your effort to put this together!

- Previous Workshop Participant

I recently purchased the Financial Plan and Analysis. Not having started a business, let alone and agricultural business, I was very apprehensive about the economic side of producing. With the provided spreadsheets, I was able to plug in numbers unique to my growing operation and obtain valuable projections of operating costs and revenue.

Consequently, I was able to use the data in my business plan and make it legit. I never would have been able to do that without the plan. The phone calls, while brief, were able to provide some valuable answers to some of the burning questions I had while in my planning stage.

- John V.

Verified Buyer

It is certainly of great help when you are starting out to be able to count on others’ previous experience. Obviously one needs to fine-tune to each particular case, but this is certainly worth the investment.

- Ines S. on Financial Plan & Consulting

Verified Buyer

Very practical information about pH, EC, deadlines, production… Essential for beginners in hydroponic culture. Highly recommended!

- Ines S. on the Grower's Bundle

Verified Buyer

Great booklet with few pages but a lot of useful information. Instead of wasting your time looking into hundreds of pages over the internet or books, get this booklet and have the information you need at hand direct to the point.

- Gabril C. on the Pest & Disease Packet

Verified Buyer

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