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My Vertical Garden: Learn how to get abundant veggies in less space

ZipGrow is a Vertical Garden system that lets you grow an incredible amount of veggies using the same methods that professional growers use to power their greenhouse.

The designs rely on a water-smart recirculating method to grow more veggies with less effort and less waste.

If you have been looking for a simple and effective method to grow veggies, without the hassle of weeding and watering, look no further.

Vertical gardening made easy

It all starts by plumbing your ZipGrow Towers into either the nutrient reservoir. From there, your nutrient rich water is pumped up to your Towers and flows back down to your tanks. Think of it like this: you can grow hundreds of beautiful, nutritious veggies, with a single, 25 watt pump doing the work. That’s less energy than a typical light bulb.

ZipGrow: A vertical garden for your home.


From fresh basil to luscious lettuce, you can grow all your favorite greens, herbs, and even flowers in ZipGrow Towers! Here are a few of our ZipGrower’s favorite things to grow. 

Vertical garden crops: basil.


Often called “the king of herbs”, basil is by far the favorite among ZipGrowers around the world. Why? Because fresh basil is delicious! But, fresh basil can be difficult to find. Growers can expect to 8-12 plants per 5-foot Tower giving you significant harvests for months with proper care and harvesting techniques. Grab some basil seeds here

Vertical garden: Kale


An excellent choice for the beginning grower, kale grows quickly, is hearty and tolerant to cold conditions and frosts, and does not bolt easily. Some growers even claim that frost improves the flavor. 
Kale is a favorite among ZipGrowers because like basil, it’s super healthy, but often super difficult to find at the level of quality and freshness you deserve. Plant up to 8-10 kale seedlings in a standard 5-foot Tower and you’ll have kale trees that are the talk of the town! Grab some kale seeds here
Vertical garden: nasturtiums


Nasturtiums are edible flowers that not only look beautiful, they also bring a brand new flavor to your favorite summer salad. Plant a few ZipGrow Towers full of nasturtiums next to each other and get ready for a wall of lush green plants with bright orange and yellow flowers ready for picking! 

Vertical garden: Lettuce


Lettuce is the heart and soul of your favorite summer salad. As a gardener, you know the drastic taste difference between lettuce you buy at the store to the stuff you grow yourself. After a few weeks in the seedling stage, ZipGrowers plant 8-12 heads of lettuce per 5-foot Tower and just a few weeks later have delicious heads of lettuce ready for the salad bowl. With ZipGrow Towers, harvesting and replanting lettuce is a breeze! Grab some lettuce seeds here

Hydropnic / local v organic

But are the veggies organic?

There is a lot of discussion around this right now. If you want to learn about the nutrition, health, or science behind vertical gardening methods, I highly recommend this article from organics consultant Sarah Taber. We are big fans of organic farming, and we think hydroponic veggies should qualify.




ZipGrow Towers are a proven vertical gardening tool for those who want to grow more veggies in their space. Used by professional and hobbyist growers around the world, ZipGrow Towers use a water-smart recirculating design to grow more and waste less. We think growers should spend more time in the garden and less time worry about replacement parts. That’s why we backed them by our Grower’s Guarantee!

Vertical garden: Introducing the ZipGrow Tower


Vertical gardening explained; How to start your home hydroponics system


When you’re a ZipGrow farmer or gardener, you’ve got the industry’s best support to help you along your way. The Bright Agrotech team helps hundreds of farmers and gardeners start growing each year.

But that’s not all. Being a ZipGrower means you’re part of a community of like-minded, innovative growers doing cool stuff in their gardens and sharing their results. The ZipGrower’s Facebook Community is a place for sharing experiences, swapping stories, asking questions, and best of all connecting with other ZipGrowers!




From California to China, vertical gardeners around the world are using ZipGrow Towers to grow more with less space. 

Vertical garden: How to start your home hydroponics system

Gardening in Tight Spaces

ZipGrow Towers are the backyard gardener’s weapon of choice for growing more in their small spaces. If you’ve got a fence or a sunny spot in your yard, setting up a ZipGrow garden will help you grow more of your favorite crops all summer long! 

“Our tomatoes and peppers that grew in the towers were twice as large as what was grown in ground. Our Ghost Chilies are still going off!” – Brian Wharton, ZipGrower


ZipGrow Towers are the perfect tool for serious vertical gardening. Growing without soil means no need to worry about weeds and be able to grow your favorite greens, herbs, and other crops with a fraction of the water needed in traditional soil gardens.  

Are you ready to grow vertically with ZipGrow? 

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