ZipGrow Tower Reviews

Starting a new venture can be scary, but you’re not alone! Here are some thoughts from growers who are already using ZipGrow.

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Nicholas Silverman

Farm Manager, Kula Urban Farm


“When you buy products from Bright Agrotech, you are not just purchasing physical items but are becoming part of a community, one which is on the forefront of the future of farming. You also are gaining the technical support of a company that has an unbelievable breadth of knowledge in this field, and is eager to share that knowledge.
Unless you have a ton of experience in vertical hydro/aquaponics and can build your own system from scratch, working with Bright Agrotech is a ‘no-brainer.”

12, Aug 2015

Haydn Christensen

Owner, Bayberry Fresh


“I like how dense you can stack the towers in small spaces which was important because I started in a 6′ X 12′ greenhouse.

The partnership gave me access to equipment, leads, and funds that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. It would have been very hard to start the business without those initial resources.”

12, Aug 2015

Tom Deacon

Owner, Fable: From Farm to Table


“We are using ZipGrow Towers because they are the most efficient and effective way of growing produce, whether you are growing in or out of soil. By growing vertically we’re saving space, making harvesting easier, and getting delicious produce to our customers faster.”
12, Aug 2015

Ryan Sweeney

Owner, Localize


“I first started using ZipGrow Towers about three years ago when I founded Localize, LLC as an ultra-local urban agriculture business in the Minneapolis, MN metro area. The ZipGrow Towers and associated systems, allowed me to build a profitable business with no previous agriculture or growing experience.

In addition to their great products, the most valuable aspect of Bright Agrotech is their vast wealth of knowledge regarding hydroponic growing and their willingness to share that information. In my experience, they value the success of their farmers over pushing product, which for someone like myself who really had no idea how to grow hydroponically was paramount to growing my business.”

12, Aug 2015

Mike Castle

Future commercial grower


“For the last couple of years, I have been considering a career change that would carry me to and through my retirement years and, as a result I had been doing extensive research into the feasibility of setting up an indoor/greenhouse facility for commercial production of produce facility as my last career undertaking.

I then moved into the advance stage of my research and enrolled in a couple of other groups courses on aquaponics and Bright Agrotech’s Upstart University to continue my research. After completing many of the classes, I decided that, if I decided to go into commercial farming, indoor vertical farming using hydroponics/aquaponics was feasible and that I need to take it to the next step, i.e., build a pilot project so as to learn the ropes.

That’s where Bright Agrotech came in because I felt it was as close to a one-stop shop for all of my needs, i.e., the hardware such as towers, pumps, etc., expertise and guidance on setting up the systems, expertise on issues with setup, and ongoing support throughout the duration of my pilot project testing period.

In summary, when I made my purchase, Bright Agrotech told me they would be with me throughout my endeavor and would help me with any problems I may have. They have more than fulfilled their promise.”

12, Aug 2015

Brian Evans

Owner, Halo Greens


“Because of the vertical system we use with Bright Agrotech’s ZipGrow Towers, we create a negligible environmental footprint. Using an aquaponic approach with catfish to provide the fertilizer for our plants eliminates groundwater runoff from traditional fertilizing practices and uses a more pure nutrient source for our plants to produce healthier herbs. Sustainable growing practices that can withstand typical hurdles of agriculture is the best way to create consistency and stability in an otherwise volatile industry.”
12, Aug 2015

Lee Spiegel

Founder, Pulaski Grow


“When looking at the various ways to grow healthy produce in an economical way, ZipGrow Towers were the logical choice.  Not only do they allow you to grow much more in a smaller space and save on utility cost, both of which are very important for a non-profit business, they are destined to be a large part of the future of agriculture.

When training youth to be ready for work in the future it only makes sense to train them in the methods that will be the norm and give them a leg up in the process. Currently, all the herbs, lettuces and leafy greens for the Pulaski Grow CSA, farmer’s market and local vendors are grown in ZipGrow Towers.”

12, Aug 2015

Jerry Martin

Owner, Vet Veggies


“ZipGrow Towers offer the best option for growing in a small space. We are only using 320 square feet in the Freight Farm, and producing over 1,000 heads of lettuce each week.”
12, Aug 2015


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