ZipGrow towers give greenhouse growers the power of volumetric production. It’s time to grow smarter in your space.


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Practically Simple. Remarkably Accessible.

The ZipGrow tower was intentionally designed with one thing in mind: simplicity.  

A long-lasting tool that provides ultra high-yield, the ZipGrow tower will save you time and give you reliable production for years to come. 

With no complex parts or set up, ZipGrow gives farmers what they need: more production with fewer complications.

scalable indoor farming

Introducing the ZipFarm



Modular. Scalable. Productive. 

The Bright Agrotech ZipFarm™ is defining how food is grown in cities and other harsh growing environments. 

With a completely modular design, this indoor growing system provides modern farmers with the tools to get started growing wherever they are and scale as they go. 

able farm planning software

Your farm's Virtual Assistant



Farm Planning Software built by farmers, for farmers.

Able was designed to help your farm succeed at every step. Just a few of the features include education, success metrics, and access anywhere to provide a platform that will act as your virtual farm assistant.

High intensity, water-cooled LED lighting

Our rugged LED was designed by farmers, for farmers.

A high intensity, water-cooled LED that reduces costs and headaches for the modern farmer.

With lower costs and a longer life, this lighting solution is farmer friendly.


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