Why Matrix Media?

It’s all about BSA, baby.


BSA, or Biological Surface Area is the heart of a healthy aquaponic system. The more BSA, the more microbes. And microbes are the engine of a healthy aquaponic system. By increasing your BSA, you’re increasing microbial oxidation of ammonia, assisting in nitrification, and even increasing the mineralization process of material like iron which helps foster better plant growth.

Matrix Media

Lightweight. Reusable. Safe.

ZipGrow Matrix Media is 93% air


Void Space (Air)

Void Space?

Why does that matter?

At 93% air, Matrix Media inserts are light and flexible. No heavy gravel or sand.  More open space = higher percolation. That means fewer deadly anaerobic zones and more stable root zone temperatures. It also means incredible lightweight and easily transported to stores or moved for maintenance.

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ZipGrow Matrix Media

Abolish Anaerobic Zones


The open space in the media also allows for high percolation without out creating problems for you in the form of anaerobic zones. (Anaerobic zones around your plant roots cause the roots to starve and die, causing decomposition which produces nasty compounds like hydrogen sulfide, as well allowing a number of pathogens. Altogether, anaerobic conditions are detrimental to most plants.)

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