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While all Bright Agrotech products come with the industry’s best support, we also provide additional services to help you in every aspect of your business.


Feasibility Workshop

An online video workshop to help you save time and reduce headaches when planning your vertical farm’s financials.

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What our customers say

“When you buy products from Bright Agrotech, you are not just purchasing physical items but are becoming part of a community, one which is on the forefront of the future of farming.You also are gaining the technical support of a company that has an unbelievable breadth of knowledge in this field, and is eager to share that knowledge”

Nicholas Silverman | Kula Urban Farm

“In addition to their great products, the most valuable aspect of Bright Agrotech is their vast wealth of knowledge regarding hydroponic growing and their willingness to share that information. In my experience, they value the success of their farmers over pushing product, which for someone like myself who really had no idea how to grow hydroponically was paramount to growing my business.”

Ryan Sweeney | Localize

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