So you’re an aquaponic grower.

You’ve worked long hours to design and build a system to help you grow your own food.

After all that work, what if you could make your system even better?

What if you could grow even more food?

You can have the best aquaponics system on the block.

ZipGrow is the ultimate solution for ambitious aquaponic growers like you.

Buy ZipGrow now.

Grow high quality herbs and veggies…

in a system so lush and healthy it puts other systems to shame…

and still grows three times as much food as you’re growing now  (in half the space).

With ZipGrow, you can give your system exactly what it needs to grow the best produce.

It’s the only choice for serious aquaponic growers.

ZipGrow Technology

Compatible with any system

Have an existing system? There’s no need to start all over. ZipGrow towers were made to be compatible with any existing hydroponic or aquaponics system. Simply plumb them into your current setup and get growing! Buy a 4-Pack of ZipGrow Towers to add to your existing system today.


ZipGrow towers were designed with simplicity in mind. There are no complex moving parts, no confusing directions, and no bulky equipment.


ZipGrow are designed to fit into any space, and are incredibly easy to move around.

They also reduce light extinction by up to 90%, reducing your costs and improving growing conditions.

Three times as much.

Because they are so efficient, ZipGrows can give you more. More space, more time, and more food. ZipGrow setups typically yield three to five times as much as horizontal gardens. You can learn more with our Production Estimates Guide.


ZipGrow towers use Matrix Media, which offers higher BSA, or biological surface area, than any other system out there. Not only does Matrix Media give your system rapid nitrification, but serves as a biological filter

Learn more about ZipGrow.

Watch this video to learn more about ZipGrow technology and design.

Support & Resources

When you buy ZipGrow, you buy a team.

No other aquaponics equipment comes with support like that offered by Elijah, Sean, Elesif, and the rest of the team here at Bright Agrotech.

We care about your individual success as an aquaponics grower, and that’s why we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.

Our team is fully trained on the ins and outs of aquaponics and has the answers you need. And if we don’t have the answers, you can bet we will do our part to get the answers for you.  

Exceptional Resources

In addition to providing immediate support, we want to empower you in the long run. So we have created a huge library of resources to help you out.  Check out our free eBooks, how-to guides, articles, and videos to find everything you need to know to be successful with hydroponics and aquaponics. And not just successful, but so successful it makes your neighbors jealous! 

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Empowering you to be an aquaponics wizard

What does all this mean for you?

A healthier system with better produce and happier fish. More food on the table. More space to do the things you love. More knowledge to feast on and share. And don’t forget – bragging rights!

What people have to say about using ZipGrow

“I think I have watched just about every video that has been put up on Aquaponics. I have also watched all of yours from the very beginning. The one thing that sets you apart, in my opinion, is that your approach is informative but more importantly honest. I can’t think of anyone that is putting out more realistic information on these types of systems. Your depth of knowledge is unmatched as well.  I have friends that have systems and they are using your products like the Zipgrow towers. They are very pleased with them. They work very well. I am excited that you are doing the series.” Smalltowntexas

“I love what you’re doing, please keep it up. You are obviously very well educated. Yet you explain things perfectly so that anyone can easily learn. I especially like your explanations of the most essential nutrients.”   Knoll Aquaponics

“These videos are amazing for me because im growing food now and your videos are really helping me bridge the gap very quickly. Thank you!”  Preston Holder

Have the best aquaponics system on the block.

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