We work hard to deliver the best information and most appropriate tools to help small farmers like you run economically viable businesses.

Below you’ll find all the tools you’ll need to have in your toolbox as a modern farmer.

Upstart University

We were sick of seeing would-be farmers launch their operations only to fail a few months later because they didn’t know how to create a business plan, how to make sales,  or manage their commercial systems.

That’s when we created Upstart University – an online learning platform dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about growing. 

With accessible courses, webinars, and resources, aspiring modern farmers like you can learn at your own pace. Our courses are taught by several educated professionals, including Nate Storey, PhD, Chris Higgins, and other controlled environment ag experts.

Ebooks & Resources

Ready to get serious?  Here are a few invaluable resources that every modern farmer should have in their toolbox. Whether you need a business planning guide, a crop key, or detailed info about crops and pests, we’ve got you covered. Browse more ebooks on our shop.

Best Crops for Hydroponics

A complete guide to recommended crops, yields, & common problems.


Pest & Disease Management

Learn how to successfully identify & eliminate a wide range of plant diseases & pests.


Business Planning Guide

We’ll walk you through how to write your business plan from start to finish.


Nutrient Deficiency Key

A guide to recognizing nutrient deficiencies in your plants and correcting them.


BLOG POSTS for farmers

Learn more about modern farming with these educational blog posts, how-to’s, and industry news.

Here are a few of our top posts:

VIDEOS to give you an edge

We release two videos a week (Tuesday & Thursday) with tutorials, farmer tips, and answers to some of the toughest questions in all of hydroponic and aquaponic farming. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for helpful videos.

WEBINARS to help you crush it

When it comes to learning from the experts, webinars are one of the best ways to give your farm edge it needs to crush the competition. We have several pre-recorded webinars that feature guest presenters and cover a variety of subjects related to being a better farmer. Visit our webinars page to view our full list as well as upcoming  events.

Automated Dosing: Increase Profits & Decrease Labor

Thinking about an automated dosing system, but not sure where to start or how you will justify the cost?  Watch this webinar to find out. 


Selling to Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are an exciting, consistent, and potential large market for today’s modern farmer.  Just be aware of the complexities!  Watch this webinar to learn more. 


Selling to Restaurants

Not only are local chefs able to craft their signature dishes with the freshest ingredients, but local farmers are able to create profitable relationships by selling their prized produce closer to home. Learn how to sell to restaurants here. 


For teachers and classroom farmers

The Teacher’s Lounge

Are you a teacher growing and selling food?

Whether you want resources to educate students, or are looking to start a classroom garden, we have plenty of materials for you to take your education to the  next level.

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