US Pavilion Powered By ZipGrow

In 2015, ZipGrow Technology Inspired the World

The US Pavilion Vertical Farm Powered by ZipGrow Technology

From May 1 to October 31, 2015 the 2015 World’s Fair took place in Milan, Italy. Following tradition, each country meticulously designed and built a pavilion centered around their interpretation of that year’s theme. 2015’s theme was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The theme allowed countries around the world to demonstrate their use of technology, innovation, and creativity for solving the world’s biggest food and farming challenges. 
The U.S. Pavilion, designed by Biber Architectsfeatured a 7,200 square foot food-producing wall powered by ZipGrow technology. 
Bright Agrotech is proud to have represented American agricultural innovation with our vertical farming technology. This page showcases some of the scenes from the 2015 World’s Fair and ZipGrow technology.  

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The plant-filled facade is an active vertical farm that will be harvested every day for the duration of the exhibit from May through October.

The super green smart building is made from reclaimed Coney Island boardwalk wood, it features the world’s largest opacity-shifting SPD SmartGlass roof, and it’s wrapped with a lush living farmscape that runs the length of a football field.

The highlight, which will be visible from the fairground, is the massive, living wall. Comprised of a grid of rotating hybrid hydroponics panels which include soil to help retain water and nutrients, the vertical farm represents a story of American agriculture, according to Biber, right down to the grids that recalls Thomas Jefferson’s Land Ordinance of 1785.

The building is a ‘farm industrial’ inspired structure embracing both simple, industrial agricultural architecture and advanced technology in a very American amalgam of opposites.

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