ZipFarm FAQ

Common questions about ZipFarm Configuration & Installation

  1. Do I need a special building to be able to grow indoors?
  2. What are the dimensions of the ZipFarm?
  3. What is included with the plumbing Kit?
  4. Who makes your lighting hardware?
  5. Do you provide installation or support services?
  6. How easy is it to get started with a ZipFarm?
  7. How much maintenance is required to operate a ZipFarm? 
  8. Can I use the ZipRack for one sided growing?

Q: Do I need a special building to be able to grow indoors?

A: Glad you asked! As an indoor grower, you can grow almost anywhere. However, you will need to have access to basic utilities.


A ¾ inch water line to growing area is necessary. A reverse osmosis water filter or RO filtered water supply is highly recommended.
An additional hand-washing system is also recommended.


The ZipFarm comes with

  • 4 – Lumigrow Pro 325 LED lights per 5′ ZipRack
  • 6 – Lumigrow Pro 325 LED lights per 7′ ZipRack

Each Lumigrow Pro 325 LED light will pull amps from your power supply as follows:

  • 2.7amps at 120v and 1.3amps at 240v

Hence, a building wired with 120v volt will pull 2.7amps * 4 for a single 5′ ZipRack = 10.8 amps (2.7 * 4 = 10.8)

Remember! A ZipFarm contains three ZipRacks, for a total of 12 Lumigrow Pro 325’s (see ZipFarm dimensions below).

Thus, you may calculate the amps required to power a 5′ ZipFarm installation as follows:

110 volt:

#ZipRacks * 10.8amps

and for 220v:

#ZipRacks * 5.6amps

Natural Gas Line

In some cases, we recommend CO2 enrichment using a CO2 generator to convert natural gas into CO2.

Additionally, you will want to have some improvements to the facility:

Ventilation & Cooling

The air needs to be fully exchanged at least two times per hour. Control over the fans is also necessary.

Each Lumigrow Pro light will require 800 BTU’s of heat removal.

Light Racks Installation

Correct installation of the Light Racks will require that racks be bolted into the floor. A cement pad is recommended.


Additional insulation may be necessary depending on your facility, location, and environmental conditions.

Vapor Barrier

Highly recommended for lining the walls of your growing space. Some buildings will require vapor barriers to maintain building health.


Double door access into the space is required at heights of 8 and 10 feet for 5- and 7-foot towers, respectively.

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Q: What are the dimensions of the ZipFarm?

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Q: What is included with the Plumbing Kit?

A: The Base Kit ships with the following components:

  • IBC 330 gallon tank with stand
  • Sump tank (30 or 40 gallon floor tank)
  • Intellidose Control Panel
  • Filtration manifold (includes UV clarifiers and mesh filtration)
  • 1/2 Horsepower pump (for main water supply)
  • All necessary fittings (includes additional pumps for recirculation)

Additional components will be added as needed depending on system size and configuration.

  • Main Feedline
  • Auxiliary Feed Lines
  • Main drain lines
  • Auxiliary drain lines

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Q: Who makes your lighting hardware?

A: We ship the ZipFarm with the Lumigrow Pro 325 model LED lighting fixture on a moving track. We intend to expand options for lighting systems in the future. For an introduction to the lighting techniques we use, please view this course on lighting for Upstart Farmers.

The benefits of the Lumigrow Pro 325 incude:

Longer Life Span

The lifespan for the Lumigrow Pro 325 is estimated to be 15-20 years under normal use. Warranty is extended by the manufacturer for 5 years from the date of purchase.

Spectrum Control

The Pro 325 model takes advantage of an adjustable light spectrum. This allows you to to optimize the settings on your lighting for specific plants. Plants with proper lighting will show textures and taste.

Energy Targeted

A plant has natural photo synthetic receptors (remember biology class?). By targeting the red and blue frequencies of the spectrum, the Lumigrow Pro 325 provides only the lighting frequencies that the plants need to thrive. This results in savings as high as 70% compared to a HID solution. The spectrum is adjustable for specific crops.

Energy to Spare

The Lumigrow Pro 325 can generate more energy than the plants can absorb. This means you have the option to put the lights on a moving rack to distribute your light to a wider area. Alternatively, you can simply use the dim switch to lower your light to the optimal range.

>> Learn more about the technical specs of LumiGrow LED Lighting Solutions

Plan B – Do it Yourself

You can also use the lighting solution of your choice! Speak with one of our sales representatives to get pricing on the ZipFarm without the Lumigrow lighting option.**

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**Custom lighting solutions will affect your layout and design, heating, cooling, and other system variables, including production estimates. We discourage DIY solutions unless you are willing to do your own research and development.

Q: Do you provide installation or support services?

A: Yes! The Bright Agrotech build team can come to your location and provide installation and training to your team members. The number of team members sent to build your farm and the time that it will take will be assessed on a per project basis. Contact our empowerment team at (307) 288-1188 to learn more.

Many clients will choose to do their own ZipFarm installation. You can do it! You can rest assured that we will provide full support for the installation and operation of your equipment.

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Q: How easy is it to get started with a ZipFarm?

A: Very easy! You can start with a single ZipRack and grow from there. Easy-release plumbing features make connecting and disconnecting multiple ZipRacks quick and painless.

We provide a turnkey solution for easy implementation.

The Beginner Bundle includes:

  • 3 ZipRacks with 20 ZipGrow towers per rack (60 towers total)
  • 1 Light Rack
  • LED Lighting options based on tower height (Lighting kit includes tracks, light movers and mounting equipment)
    • 5′ towers = 12 Lumigrow Pro 325s
    • 7′ towers = 18 LumiGrow Pro 325s
  • Support package (included with purchase) – Our expertise includes marketing, business planning, and
    growing advice, all dedicated to your success.

Optional Add-on kits (for a more “turn-key” solution):

  • Plumbing Package
  • Climate Control Package
  • Installation and Training Package (starts at $2,550)

For specific information about ZipFarm configurations, please call the sales team at (307) 288-1188), or download the ZipFarm Ordering Guide.


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Q: How much maintenance is required to operate a ZipFarm?

A: The four tasks you will spend the most time on are:

  • Flushing the system

You will want to flush the secondary drain lines to prevent buildup that could cause a backup in your system. Though systems will vary, a bi-weekly flush is recommended.

  • Plant health

You will want to walk through the ZipFarm once a day to check for plant health, maturity, taste, pests, or any other tangible factors.

  • Drippers

You will need to do a visual check that the drippers are not clogged. (1x daily)

  • Gutters

Check for plant matter or other material that may clog the gutters. (1x daily)

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Q: Can I use the ZipRack for one sided growing?

A: Yes. We designed the ZipFarm for maximum efficiency utilizing two-sided growing. However, if you have a way to configure your lighting, or use natural lighting, the ZipRacks can be used for single sided growing. The racks will add a green, living component to corporate atriums, classrooms, and many other environments.

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ZipFarm Installation Availability

Warning: ZipFarms are in high demand.

Contact sales ASAP to book a spot on our installation calendar.

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