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Costs for indoor crop production
are dropping dramatically.

Indoor farming projects are on the rise, driven by innovations in lighting, seed starting technologies, and a growing consumer demand for locally grown food.

Join indoor farming expert, Dr. Nate Storey, for weekly insights into new indoor farming innovations.

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Past Live Events

Tuesday, June 7

“The Evolution of Indoor Farming”

Indoor farming is a relatively new trend powered by a number of factors. We have been growing food under the sun and the wind for thousands of years. However, in the last century we saw an increasing desire for more… Read more. 

Thursday, June 9

“Investing in Indoor Farming: A Closer Look at the Trends Driving the Industry”

Investors are paying attention as several trends collide to drive the indoor farming industry forward. But the question is, is indoor farming worth the investment? And if so, at what scale? Watch the session here. 

indoor farming live event

Thursday, June 16

Economics of Indoor Crop Production: Operating Expenses”

Indoor farming facilities are bringing fresh, local produce to cities and neighborhoods across the nation. The recent development of cost-effective LED lighting is making this an increasingly attractive choice for community leaders and entrepreneurs. So what’s the catch? Watch the session here. 

Tuesday, June 21

Economics of Indoor Growing: Startup Costs & Financing Strategies.

Event overview: Indoor farms can require significant investment to launch. But how much and how do you calculate these startup costs? Join us for a closer look at the numbers as we explore capital investments and some of the financing strategies that are making these indoor farming projects possible. Watch the recording. 

indoor farming live event

Thursday, June 23

LED Lighting, HVAC, and breakthrough innovations in indoor lighting

Event overview: Advances in LED lighting have helped foster the growth of a new industry. So exactly how much energy does it require to bring a crop to harvest? And how do indoor growers manage the heat given off by their grow lights? Join us for a closer look and some real numbers. Watch the recording. 

indoor farming live event

Tuesday, June 28

Can Indoor Farming be Profitable?”

Event overview: Join us as we dig deeper into the profitability and cash flow potential for an 1,800 square foot indoor farm. We will take a closer look at the assumptions that form the foundation for a profitable and successful farming operation. Watch the recording. 

About the Expert

Dr. Nate Storey

Founder/CEO, Bright Agrotech

Dr. Nate Storey has been featured in numerous leading publications, including Max Yield, Hortidaily, and FastCo Exist. Dr. Storey is regularly featured as a panelist for indoor agriculture events and conferences. Recognized worldwide as an authority in controlled environment growing techniques, Nate earned his PhD in Agronomy from the University of Wyoming.

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“Economics of Indoor Growing: startup costs and financing strategies.” Join Dr. Nate Storey, CEO of Bright Agrotech for a closer look at system costs and financing strategies. Copy and paste the following link into your browser to join the conversation –> –> Or on Periscope –> @brightagrotech
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